Accessories: DEWA Air pads

for Lightweight and Quick moulds

Air pad - 350/350 mm - for moulds up to 690 mm long and small cassettes up to 520/520 mm

Air pad - 700/350 mm - for moulds 700 - 1090 mm long

Air pad - 1000/350 mm - for moulds 1100 - 1350 mm long

Air pad - 1300/350 mm - or moulds 1400 - 1750 mm long


Air pad - 500/500 mm - for 525/525 - 720/720 mm cassettes

Air pad - 700/700 mm - for 730/730 - 1250/1250 mm cassettes and T-beam ceiling moulds

Air pad - 700/1250 mm - for large cassettes and T-beam ceiling moulds

Accessories: DEWA Anchor prongs

DEWA Prongs are suitable for both the horizontal fixing of DEWA Lightweight moulds onto the facing surface, as well as the reliable fixing of rigid foam recessing formwork onto horizontal or vertical surfaces (ceilings, wall openings, slits, etc.). A small but very practical item that shouldn't be missing from any construction site!

One or more DEWA Prongs should be used depending on the size of the rigid foam body being fixed.

The arrangement of the retaining claws guarantees a reliable, torsion- and lifting-free formwork seating.

DEWA Prongs are affixed to the facing surface using two wire nails, after which the mould or recessing formwork is pressed simply onto the prong.

DEWA Prongs are comprised or reusable galvanised material which makes them particularly economical.

This together with enhanced productivity values and problem-free handling testify to the advantages of using DEWA Prongs.


DEWA Spieße

Dimensions: Base plate 100x100 mm, prongs 70 mm, galvanised

Minimum purchase: Carton - 80 pcs (= 9.8 kg)