Verlegte Leichtschalkörper mit integriertem Luftkissen

Pre-positioned lightweight moulds with integrated air pads
Ausschalen per DEWA-Luftkissen

Stripping by means of DEWA air pads
Fertige Untersicht

Finished view from below

Air pads = safe and efficient form removal

DEWA Lightweight moulds

Lightweight moulds are used preferably on ribbed and T-beam ceilings because of their many potential applications and because they do not pose particular demands on the quality of the concrete. In this context, the moulds are produced according to object-specific ribbed ceiling formwork drawings, are outfitted with air pads for form removal and are wrapped in protective foil at the factory.


  • solid moulds made of rigid foam (RF)
  • quick installation
  • reasonably priced production
  • numerous potential applications
  • available in all dimensions
  • isolated from concrete through special foil
  • easily transported
  • secure air pad formwork
  • outstanding productivity values

DEWA Quick moulds

are large-format moulds, which are used preferably for T-beam ceilings and large-scale coffered ceilings. The moulds are delivered ready-to-install and are comprised of a 3.5mm thick DEWAPLAST plastic covering with a solid stiffening body made of rigid foam. Furthermore, air pads are inserted between the plastic covering and rigid-foam body at the factory to facilitate stripping.

With proper installation and removal, the DEWA Quick mould system can provide substantial additional visible surface area. Favourable pricing together with proven productivity values guarantee a high degree of economic viability, especially with large and very large-scale objects, or with repeated mould usage.


  • available in all dimensions
  • rapid and safe rigid foam core removal with air pads
  • multiple usage
  • outstanding productivity values
  • quick and trouble-free installation
  • persuasive concrete quality