Exemplary DEWA past projects
Centro Servizi Polifunzionale Privato „Santa Gilla“ on Sardinia
This object - like many earlier large-scale objects on the island of Sardinia - was realized using DEWA GRP-Standard-Type 06. Overall, approx. 30,000 m² of coffered ceiling was installed in 12 sections, approx. 2,500 m² each. Società Privata Immobiliar Europea S.p.A. is the building owner while the order was issued by PERI, Milan. Both the building owner and the builder were exceptionally satisfied with the solution provided by DEWA; so much so that additional project orders on Sardinia resulted.

Centro Servizi Polifunzionale Privato Santa Gilla auf Sardinien
Shopping, amusement and residential tower, Istanbul
This mammoth building project encompasses a large-scale floor plan, 50 storeys and several basement levels with a total of more than 140,000 m² of coffered ceiling being installed. The building is used for multifunctional purposes and is home to a multitude of workshops, retail shops, movie theatres and restaurants, among others. The assignment came to DEWA as a result of the excellent experience we gained from the Sun Plaza project, likewise in Istanbul with 36 storeys and underground parking facilities. DEWA GRP-Standard-Type 01, featuring axial dimensions of 1,200 x 1,200 mm and 280 mm high, was used for both projects. Around 4,000 m² cassettes were also retained, which were used approx. 40 times.

Einkaufs-, Vergnügungs- und Wohntower, Istanbul
Aldi, Commercial centre, Freiburg
This building project with its large 17 m span and high loading demand was realized using a ribbed ceiling, featuring axial dimensions of 1,200 mm with overall deck thickness of 1,000 mm; 800 mm rib height plus a 200 mm pressure plate. DEWA Lightweight moulds with their proven air bag stripping process were deployed due to their proven success at exceptional heights. The formwork was put to use many times over; albeit with a 200 mm reduced height on the final ceiling, for which the formwork was reworked without a problem using a thermo saw. The contracting company, Züblin AG, Freiburg, was extremely satisfied with the DEWA solution.

Aldi, Gewerbezentrum, Freiburg
Roche Diagnostics office complex, Mannheim
This object demanded a particularly high degree of visual quality. For this, specially dimensioned DEWA GRP cassettes were used primarily as decorative elements with a relatively small-scale grid of 700 x 700 mm. A total of 3,400 cassettes were used, which were installed approx. six times. The visual quality was superb with the tolerance-free manufacturing of this special order being observed to the greatest extent possible, affording an excellent concrete finish. Builder: Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim / Planner: Nagel Architects, Freising

Lübeck University Centre
For the extension of this centre by three spacious buildings, our DEWA Variospan solution was selected after appropriate research. The aim thereby was for a wide range of differing dimensions to be translated into a building site-compatible modular system with a high degree of dimensional accuracy. CNC-controlled cutting equipment made it possible to achieve the level of precision required. The contracting builders, Schütt & Sohn, Lübeck, were extremely satisfied with the overall execution of the project.