Variospanschalkörper sind schnell eingebaut

Custom-fit moulds are quickly installed

Variospanschalkörper als Flächenelement

Variospan casings as a panel element

Variospanschalkörper auch als Einzelelement

Variospan casings as an individual element

Deckenuntersicht bei verlorener Schalung

Ceiling underlayers with non-recoverable formwork

DEWA Variospan casings

Vario - casings for ribbed ceilings
These casings made of coated particle board provide a perfect solution when variable dimensions are required in conjunction with visibly remaining surface areas. A CNC-controlled production process guarantees a high degree of dimensional accuracy along with cost-effectiveness.


A similar approach, albeit using non-coated particle board, can be employed when the casing is to remain within the building structure. In this case, it is possible to install a pre-assembled formwork-array, which, as a large surface area element, provides a particularly economical solution.
These casings also provide an economical solution for coffered ceilings with modular dimensioning or raised ribs, which aren't supported by our cassette rental program.

They are manufactured to a high degree of dimensional accuracy, exactly according to the casing plan - the planner needs not consider any related input requirements; the building contractor is assured that the pre-assembled formwork will be delivered to the construction site on schedule. These inherently stable and stiffened casings are made of plastic-coated particle board, offering good stability and sufficient weather resistance.
Particular advantages are the simple and easy handling of the sturdy casings at the construction site and their rapid installation, as well as the retention of unrestricted access to the site for reinforcement work. Stripping takes place mechanically with the support of compressed air. Removal of the overall casing formwork for subsequent usage, however, is not possible.

At the same time, formwork can be manufactured to all possible dimensions. Even large volume displacement elements are produced by simply combining partial body elements. Variospan casing is oftentimes deployed as non-recoverable formwork, as well.