DEWA RF-Formliners

One-time usage for in-situ concrete and prefab construction. Low-cost formwork for structural concrete that can be deployed at any location where the structural surface is to be dressed one time and the structured formwork is to be used only once. Textured formliners are impressed in a relief-like manner using special presses and are simultaneously coated with a permanent plasticized protective foil.

DEWA RF-Formliners have proven themselves on innumerable projects with completely problem-free processing. The laminated foil guarantees their safe and rapid removal from the concrete, so that the use of a mould release agent can be dispensed with.


Customers can choose from various and most often richly structured formliners, which create a distinctive three-dimensional effect, even over larger surface areas and suitably distanced from the building structure.

DEWA RF-formliners are used preferably for one-time applications with in-situ concrete work, yet they have also proven themselves in small-scale prefab projects and with minor, multiple use applications at the building site.

RF Ribbed fracture
Structure depth max. 10 mm


RF Jura
Structure depth max. 17 mm


RF Eifel
Structure depth max. 15 mm


RF Wood texture
Structure depth max. 5 mm


RF Offset board
Structure depth max. 15 mm


RF Bamboo
Structure depth max. 17 mm

Rigid foam with laminated foil surface, panel size approx. 3m x 1m